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Reasons why you are being charged


Reasons why you are being charged

During 2009 in Wales, we took home an estimated 350 million carrier bags from the major supermarkets. This is a staggering 273 bags per household! And it doesn’t include the other bags we pick up when shopping at high street and smaller shops.

Most of these bags are used only once and end up as litter or in your bin, ending up in landfill.

We want to drastically reduce the number of bags given away. This will require action from everyone – shoppers and retailers.

There are quite a few reasons why the Welsh Government has introduced a single use carrier bag charge. These are to:

  • help tackle climate change
  • reduce litter
  • protect wildlife
  • save the natural resources that are used to make and distribute bags and
  • encourage people to reuse their bags.

Many of the bigger retailers have been working hard to reduce the number of bags they give away. But millions of bags are still being used each year! We also need all retailers to help, not just the bigger stores. This is why we are introducing a charge.